Danger Warning – Conservative budget plans

DANGERLabour have issued a ‘Danger’ warning about Conservative budget plans for Calderdale, arguing that they would have a devastating impact on many low-paid working families.

Labour leader Cllr Tim Swift said:-

“By publishing their plans just a few days before the budget council meeting, the Conservatives are hoping people won’t have time to read the small print and understand the scale of some of the cuts they are planning.

“So we think it is really important that residents understand some of the things that would happen if the Conservative budget proposals were agreed.

“Firstly, many low income families would face an increase of up to fifty percent in their council tax bills. That’s because they will cut drastically the help these families receive with their council tax bills.

“Secondly, they are rolling back on our efforts to protect the voluntary and community sector, proposing a new cut to business rate relief which will hit community, social and sporting groups across the Borough.

“Thirdly, they will put day care services in our Children’s Centres at risk by cutting funding to them – even though their leader campaigned to defend these services just a few years ago.

“Fourthly, they are planning a huge attack on our hard working employees, effectively cutting their pay now and in the future and worsening their terms and conditions.

“Finally, they want to privatise even more local services – particularly targeting over 200 jobs in social care. Surely we have seen enough problems with some of our private sector providers to know that this is a short sighted and false economy?

“These are devastating and damaging proposals from the Conservatives, and they are saying little or nothing about them in their bland budget spin. They would cause long term harm to local families, local communities, and the services we all depend on. I hope that Liberal Democrat and Independent councillors will join us in making sure that these proposals are defeated at Council next week.”

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