Public will have just one week to consider Conservative budget plans

After Labour’s criticism of them yesterday, the leader of Calderdale Conservative group has now said that they will be publishing their budget amendment tomorrow – just one week before the Council votes to agree a budget.

Labour council leader Tim Swift said, “Calderdale is facing massive challenges as a result of the Conservative Government’s cuts. And yet so far, we have heard no constructive suggestions from the Conservative group about how these challenges should be addressed.

“It’s not just the detailed lack of an alternative that is disappointing. Throughout the five week consultation they have offered nothing beyond some limited armchair criticism of Labour’s plans, and given no indication of what alternatives they want to see considered.

“And of course, they have completely failed to speak out against the Government cuts that are being imposed on local services. By 2020, Calderdale council will have been forced to identify savings of over £100 million compared with 2010 – but the Conservative group have never once spoken out to defend local services.”

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