Further Government back down over forced academy plans

OurSchoolsOurSayLabour councillor Megan Swift today welcomed news that the Government has withdrawn their planned Education Bill. When this was introduced in March, it included proposals to force all schools to become academies. Although this was dropped from the Bill after national and local protests, the Bill continued to undermine the role of local councils in supporting schools and helping them to improve.

“Whilst the Government has now dropped the Bill, however, there are still issues for Councils”, Cllr Swift explained. “The Conservatives are continuing to plan a cut of £600m in the Education Support Grant. This is vital money that helps councils pay for the school we provide to local schools.

“We know that the services we provide to schools locally are highly valued, and many schools are concerned about these services being lost. So I have now written to local MPs Holly Lynch and Craig Whittaker urging them to press the Government to stop the cut to this Grant, and maintain the current level of funding.”

Read more about the Government climb down on the Education Bill here (Guardian) and here (BBC)


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