Say “No” to more selection

2016 Megan Square WebCalderdale Labour are calling on the Council to take a stand against the Government’s plans to extend selection.

Thursday’s full Council will be asked to back a motion opposing the plans, which will undermine the track record of progress and achievement of many of Calderdale’s existing comprehensive schools.

Labour education spokesperson Cllr Megan Swift said,

“Labour are strongly opposed to the Government’s plans to extend selection. Their proposals are all about ideology, not evidence – they won’t raise standards for all, and they will increase the number of children who are excluded from a high quality education.

“The evidence nationally is very clear. Areas with selective schools are not improving as quickly as those who focus on the real issues that count – good schools with strong leadership, great teachers, and effective support. That’s what’s driving massive increases in standards in London, and it’s what is driving standards up in local schools.

“The Conservative government need to drop these divisive plans quickly and focus on backing our schools and our teachers.”

The Labour motion reads:-

Grammar Schools

This Council

(a)         notes with concern reports that the Government will consider allowing the extension of selection and the creation of new grammar schools;

(b)         believes that the proposals would undermine the progress achieved by many of Calderdale’s comprehensive schools; and

(c)          resolves to write to the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Education urging them not to proceed with these divisive proposals which contradict all available evidence regarding the most effective ways to improve educational achievement and hence will do nothing to raise educational standards for all our children.

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