Labour slams Tory bid to stop further residential 20 mph schemes

20 webCalderdale Labour have slammed an attempt by Conservative leader Scott Benton to halt the roll out of residential 20 mph schemes in Calderdale.

Labour’s Public Health spokesperson, Faisal Shoukat, said:

“Cllr Benton’s call for a block on further 20 mph schemes is misinformed and would be a massive backward step for Calderdale.

“Introducing 20 mph limits in residential areas has been popular and effective. It is an important part of our ‘Love Our Streets’ campaign, which aims to make our streets safe and pleasant for all children and adults however they travel and wherever they live.”

Residential 20 mph limits have already been successfully  launched in many parts of Calderdale. If the Conservative motion was approved, it would stop work on introducing them in many areas including:-

  • Brighouse, Clifton and Rastrick
  • Hipperholme and Lightcliffe
  • Bailiff Bridge
  • Greetland and Barkisland

The Council has only recently published an order to introduce 20 mph limits in Illingworth, Ovenden, Bradshaw and Wheatley areas. It’s not clear whether the Conservative motion is designed to block this initiative, too.

Cllr Shoukat added:-

“The Conservative resolution to Council is misleading and filled with errors. It misrepresents the original public consultation on  20mph limits and completely ignores a more recent survey which shows a very substantial majority of local people supporting them.

“It also flies in the face of the views of councillors when the issue was discussed at scrutiny only a few months ago and a clear decision was taken to carry the programme forward.

“our 20 mph limits policy has important health and road safety benefits, as well as real popular backing. Typically, the Conservative party have chosen to oppose it without offering any positive proposals of their own.”

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