Flooding: Don’t backtrack on the national resilience review

Back in January, then Cabinet Minister Oliver Letwin was put in charge of the national resilience review.This was established to

assess how the country can be better protected from future flooding and increasingly extreme weather events

Since the change of Government, the future of this review seems to be doubt – yet adequate preparation for future flooding must remain an absolute priority.

Now Labour leader Cllr Tim Swift has joined with Leeds City Council leader Judith Blake in calling on the Prime Minister to provide assurances that the review will be completed, and action taken on the findings.

Tim says

“We know that serious flooding events are likely to continue to increase in severity. We need to learn the lessons from Storm Desmond and Storm Eva, investing not just in flood defences but in actions that will make homes, businesses, communities and the essential infrastructure we depend on stronger and more resilient. This review must not be allowed to fall victim of internal Government changes.”

A copy of the letter is below.


National Infrastructure Review – Letter to Prime Minister

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