Halifax Post Office WILL be moving to W H Smith

Post Office For Web…. and they have already given notice to end the lease on the existing Post Office building.

We’ve been told officially today that the Post Office are proposing to move Halifax Crown Post Office to WH Smith on Market Street.

This is what we feared and predicted when we first heard that our Post Office had been earmarked for privatisation (which is what franchising really amounts to).

We were promised consultation, but it would appear that any consultation will be about the details of the business proposals – effectively, the decision has already been taken.

As they admit in their letter (see below) ….. “the decision to change the branch to one that is operated by an agent rather than by us directly is not a matter for public consultation“. They do however say that they would welcome feedback!

You can access their consultation survey at postofficeviews.co.uk, entering the code 00932099. They may not be listening, but we hope as many people as possible will let them know in no uncertain terms, just what Halifax people think.

Here is the letter from the Post Office in full.

2016_05_04_Post Office by Tim Swift

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